The Charvakas: Indian Philosophers

Topics: Religion, Perception, Truth Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: April 13, 2007
The Charvakas were a group of philosophers of India around 600 BC. They believed that there was no soul and that death was the end of all existence. They believed entertainment of this life in the bodily form should be the chief purpose of life. Anything beyond the senses was false and that everything you couldn't sense was a mere illusion or delusion. Matter was believed to be the only thing that was perceivable by the senses, so matter alone was real. They believed that one should seek happiness in this material world and experience physical pleasure as much as possible. They also believed to turn away from any religious beliefs and it's delusions. The only source of knowledge was what one's senses could perceive. Beyond the material world, there is nothing; No God or soul exist. In conclusion, the Charvakas believed the human life begins and ends in this world.

The Charvakas believed that one should not base their beliefs upon other teachings of others, so does that mean the basis of truth was found in subjective experience? If they did not believe in afterlife, does that mean that they didn't believe in karma or the concept of sacrifice? Sacrifice was mostly used in hope of some better afterlife, but maybe sacrifice was also used by the Charvakas for some unknown reason. The Charvakas believed matter alone was real, but does this mean beauty or intelligence is real? This part of the physical self also dies with the body, but does that make it matter? They didn't believe in following religious beliefs, maybe because these thoughts of religion was someone else's thoughts?
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