The Charming Predator: Ted Bundy

Topics: Ted Bundy, Antisocial personality disorder, Mental disorder Pages: 4 (1063 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Title – The Charming Predator
General purpose – To inform the audience about serial killers Specific purpose – To inform the audience about Ted Bundy, a person that committed outrageous crimes. Central Ideas – What makes a person a serial killer? Ted Bundy proved that even a handsome and smart individual with everything going for him, can become a monster. Introduction – (Attention getter) As Ted Bundy once stated, “We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere…” (Orienting material) A serial killer is classified as someone killing three or more people in a short period. The exact reason why people kill is unknown. However, experts suggest that it may date back to traumatic events faced during childhood which can cause mental disorders. Some people feel that serial killers are born killers and not made. Statistically, studies have shown that most serial killers have low IQ’s, but Ted Bundy was in a class of his own. Ted Bundy was smart, attractive, and had a great future in politics, but had a hidden dark side. Time magazine wrote, “A onetime boy scout and A student, Bundy seemed headed for a sterling career in Republican politics in Washington State and even served as assistant director of the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Committee.” (Preview) Ted Bundy was categorized as a person with a psychological disorder that drove him to kill many women. (Transition) Let me explain about him murdering young women. Body – (Main point) Ted Bundy was responsible for raping and murdering many young women. His childhood was just as dark as his adulthood, which was believed what drove him to become that killer that he was. I. Theodore “Ted” Bundy’s childhood was extremely complicated. He was born in a home for unwed mothers to Louise Cowell. He grew up believing that his grandparents were in fact his parents and his mother was his sister. Studies on Ted Bundy tried to explain why he was mentally incompetent. His grandfather was “an extremely...

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