The Charmer Different Point of View

Topics: Cake, Fayray, Prince Pages: 2 (942 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Holly BennettThe Charmer-Mother’s point of view
Block 2

I am almost 70 now and still wake up with an enormous feeling of guilt and sorrow pounding into my head. I am no longer the same as I used to be. There used to be light and happiness in my life but I have not felt any of that for a very long time. I know it’s too late but I can still hear his wonderful, charming voice speak to me “No longer worthy to be called thy son” he would say in an enchanting voice. To this day, thinking of those words warm my heart. My son Zachary, the one who used to speak those words so beautifully, lit up my day and honestly became my reason to wake up in the morning. Though that was so long ago, I miss those days incredibly. I knew my three girls (all younger than Zachary) were jealous of how I admired him so much, but how can you not when he was intelligent, fun and athletic. He was just the full package. I felt a stronger connection with him more than any of my other children. Though I had never mentioned that to anyone, I knew they could see my passion towards him was greater. I remember there was a time I had just made a scrumptious chocolate cake for the church bazaar and I specifically put a note beside it on the table saying “FOR CHURCH BAZAAR. DEATH TO ANYONE WHO TOUCHES IT”. Zachary, being such a rascal, decided to eat a slice right before I had gotten home. He walked in the door, skin brown from the sun and black curls glistening from the municipal pool; suddenly his mouth was quivering and I saw sadness in his eyes. “My mother, my queen!” he said to me. “How could anyone with any taste buds at all ignore the creation of so great a cook? The master cook of the whole of this city!” He then gave me one of his special bear hugs as I laughed and began to prepare a new cake. I looked over at the girls and they were laughing as well while they washed and put away Zachary’s dishes. My husband loved Zachary as I did but he was a little more skeptical...
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