The Charecteristics Of Street Gangs

Topics: Crime, Gang, Criminology, Bloods, Illegal drug trade, Sociology / Pages: 1 (142 words) / Published: Dec 6th, 2015
Gangs are the result of a long history of human beings gathering together into groups that share similar characteristics. They particularly form when there is a group, or groups, that can be defined as "other". Street gangs often form in an environment that is relatively similar in their makeup. A group of people with similar ethnicities, cultural values and interest begin to see themselves as different from the rest of their community, and so they begin to define the people outside of their group as "other" while they find a connection among people similar to themselves. As you know most gangs are in "bad" areas. Originally they just start off as a small group of friends who are really close. Some of these groups start getting into mischief,

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