The Character of Paul Sheldon in Misery

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How the character of Paul Sheldon in the novel Misery is made believable

“He wished he was dead, but through the pain-soaked haze that filled his mind like a summer storm-cloud, he did not know he wished it.” (King, 3). Misery is a story that follows middle-aged novelist Paul Sheldon who is involved in a serious accident and barely comes out alive by being saved from his biggest fan, Annie Wilkes, who tends to his injuries. However, he soon learns that she wants him to write another novel just for her while he is kept prisoner in her isolated home, and if he refuses, she has many violent ways to spur him on. It is the purpose of this essay to determine how Paul Sheldon of the story Misery was made believable. The protagonist was made believable by his revealing thoughts, action and consequences, and story transition from his character.

The character of Paul Sheldon is made believable in this novel by expressing thoughts throughout the story and revealing his past and secrets slowly to the reader. One of the first disclosing thoughts Paul Sheldon has is “He had written THE END below and then had gone capering about the room — this same room in the Boulderado Hotel — and screaming Free at last! Free at last! Great God Almighty, I'm free at last!” (14). This thought is telling the reader that the protagonist felt imprisoned by the novel and he had finally finished the series he had been writing, which he had begun to hate. The method of telling the reader this through thought is much more effective than any other technique because it can show passion from the thought which translates across easily. Furthermore, “Christ, she's had a heart attack, he thought, and there was a moment's alarm which was immediately replaced by joy. Let her have one! A big one! He would be more than happy to crawl to the telephone, no matter how much it might hurt. He would crawl to the telephone over broken glass, if that was what it took.” (25) This shows that Paul has gone...

Cited: King, Stephen. Misery. London: Hodder and Stoughton Limited, 1987. Print.
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