The Character of Odysseus

Topics: Barack Obama, Cyclops, Polyphemus Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Odysseus’ facade as a slick, deceitful hero is seen in the myth of Polyphemus. In this myth, the cyclops Polyphemus seals a cave with a huge stone knowing that Odysseus and his men were inside it, feasting on his food. After losing some of his men as a fulfillment to the cyclops’ hunger, Odysseus avoids death and talks to Polyphemus. He calms the cyclops and says his name is “Noone.” After getting the giant drunk, Odysseus and his men sharpen a large wooden stick in a fire, preparing to stick it in the monster’s one and only eye. After blinding Polyphemus’ eye, the cyclops removes the giant stone in pain and tries to trap the escaping men. Knowing that Polyphemus would be successful in catching his men, Odysseus made sure they strapped themselves to sheep so he would only feel the wool and not be touched. Polyphemus hurls rocks into the ocean, almost smothering Odysseus’ ship, and tries to tell the other cyclops about his near death experience. As the ship sails away, Odysseus proclaims that it was not Noone that harmed him, but it was indeed Odysseus, upsetting Poseidon, father of Polyphemus. Although revealing that he was the person to harm the cyclops would cause him trouble, Odysseus felt obliged to do so, because of his honor. Odysseus proved to his men that he was intelligent enough to outsmart a cyclops and ensure his men to safety. Odysseus not only deceives the Polyphemus, but does so in that he gets away with it, at least until Poseidon discovers his act.

Odysseus is similar to our past presidents as well as President Barrack Obama, in that he is an effective communicator who can persuade someone with his words, promising hope and change. Even though he does not know what is to happen in the future, he convinces his men that they will live prosperous lives and become very fortunate. President Barrack Obama is much like Odysseus, in that he promises that the future will have a happy ending, that everyone will benefit from. He is a great leader, not...
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