The Character Evaluation of Cupcake Brown

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Trait theory, Anger Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: March 4, 2012
The following is the character evaluation of Cupcake Brown in her autobiography; A Piece of Cake.

I would like to start by first giving you a brief summary of the novel. Cupcake Brown was Eleven years old when her mother passed away. She was then taken away from her step-father who she had always believed was her real father and given to her real father who she never had even met by the state. Her real father or “the sperm donor” as Cupcake referred to him then put her in foster care because his only interest in her was the money from her mother’s life insurance. In the foster home Cupcake was quickly introduced to beatings, drugs, alcohol, and even rape. After running away by the age of twelve, Cupcake had already turned into prostitution and later on, joined a gang by the time she was sixteen Cupcake had already been shot three times. Her life in the streets was very rough as Cupcake endured many struggles at such a young age. Yet, at thirty-five Cupcake Brown, was clean and sober she graduated with a law degree and high honors from the University of San Francisco.

I would need to describe Cupcake Brown’s personality at two different parts of her life, first while her life was in turmoil and then when she was able to leave the world of drugs, gangs, and prostitution.

After having been put in foster care, I would say Cupcake Brown’s most dominant trait was neuroticism. Neuroticism is linked to problems in relationships and negative emotional states such as; hostility, worthlessness, anger, and fear these were all a part of Cupcake’s personality. Cupcake was hostile towards anyone that would come near her because of the lost, betrayal, and abandonment she had experienced in her young life. This behavior let to others staying away from her and from getting to know who she truly was inside. This behavior also let Cupcake to find that love and support she had rejected from others in other areas such as drugs and alcohol. Cupcake also felt worthless,...
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