The charachter of Walter Younger

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The Character of Walter Lee Younger

Walter Lee wanted to give his family the world. He believed that he and his family deserved more than what they had. As the man of the house, Walter fights against the demons of poverty and racial/social injustice that plagued his father and now seem to have a tight grip upon him. His attitude is negative and deceptive through most of the play, due to discontentment within. Walter hated being a poor black man, from a little apartment in the ghetto. Walter believed he was a smart man, capable of far more than others people valued him. Walter was eager to provide a new life for his family, but allowed greed and materialism to interfere.

Internal conflicts of his self-worth and lack of success caused numerous problems with in the Younger family. Walter comments such as “I want so many things its driving me crazy” (334). Walter had a habit of drinking and running out on the family, in fits of fury. Walter verbally fights with his family and wife, for reasons generally revolving around materialism and financial gain. Walters son Travis was his biggest motivation to do better, he wanted his son to He loved his family very much, but was unable to show his his affections due to his obsession with money.

Walters schemes to get rich quick, portray his character as desperate and impulsive toward his dreams. He had not instilled trust in his family when it came to his business ventures. The other members of the family did not trust his plans, because walter was so impulsive and obsessed with money. Walter believed that “Ain't nothin happen in this world unless you pay someone off” (315), this is further evidence of how Walter believed he was a victim of his surroundings.

Walter receives a small amount of money following his fathers death, and inevitably lost it in a sketchy business deal. Panicked and humiliated Walter asked his family to give up their dream of moving into a nice home, and...
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