The Changing Place of Women DBQ

Topics: Gender role, Woman, Massachusetts Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: October 26, 2014
The antebellum market revolution transformed a subsistence economy of scattered farms and tiny workshops into a national network of industry and commerce. In other words, it took the work that most people did in their homes, and made them more efficient through factories. On the other hand, the Second Great Awakening was a religious revival characterized by emotional mass “camp meetings” and widespread conversion. It influenced many things including the women’s movement. Although women were still considered inferior to men, the role of women in family, workplace, and society evolutionized as a result of the antebellum market revolution and Second Great Awakening in the years 1815-1860.

Since few women actually got jobs in factories many stayed at home and took care of their families. Many women saw it unfair that they were unable to do the jobs of men. For example, it is said that “the mother, whom God constituted the first teacher of every human being, has been degraded by men from her high office; or, what is the same thing, been denied those privileges of education which only can enable her to discharge her duty to her children with discretion and effect...” Since women were uneducated they had the jobs of watching after their children (Doc E). Furthermore, in the photo known as “The Happy Mother” by Sarony and Major in 1846 a white woman is depicted with her two daughters. The woman in the picture has not been separated from her family and continues to enjoy her time with her children (Doc G). In addition, many women stayed at home and were enshrined in a “cult of domesticity.” This meant that they commanded immense power, and often made big decisions that altered the character of their families. Women began commanding new respect within their households. With the antebellum market revolution many mothers had more time for their kids since they didn’t have to make goods. As a result of the antebellum market revolution, traditional women’s work was rendered...
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