The Changes of Art During the Renaissance
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The changes of art during the renaissance

Art changed in many ways starting with one of the main points is that they started showing more depth in the painting making it more 3D like. This made it more interesting for the people and made them appreciate the artists more.

They also changed by using perspective, which meant they showed a better way of depth, height and width this made it more realistic, and life like. Although it was some one else’s point of view but it still shared some same point.

Another point for making the painting better and more realistic was that they started using better techniques in the shadowing. Shadows make the painting more alive. They also started using the concept of something called the vanishing point. Which meant the place where the lines of the perspective seem to meet.

The artists also started making the walls more symmetrical. All of these things build up and make the painting more interesting.

They also discovered a new way to help them start their painting, which was to dividing half the sketch to create the horizon then the horizon was divided in half to find the vanishing point. Two further vertical lines were drawn to create a large square in the centre of the canvas, and diagonals from the centre to the corners of the square were drawn to form the lines of perspective. The large square was then further divided into smaller squares.

Colours also changed. the painters used gold as much as they could in the religious paintings. The colour valued next was blue, which was made from grinding a really expensive stone called lapis lazuli. This colour was used for the clothes of important people such as the Virgin Mary.

A really important change was that they started making the subject of painting more varied rather then just painting about religious figures they also depicted by the meaning reproduced the ancient stories of roman Greek gods and heroes.

The renaissance artists adopted the attitude

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