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The Changes in the Educational System in the Philippines

By shykir Feb 01, 2015 464 Words
CORPUZ, Jan Carla Z.
HW 3: Sample Essay
February 3, 2014

K-12 System: A better fit for students?

                The educational system in the Philippines is undergoing a big change which most academicians deteriorating quality of education in the country. The K-12 system has introduced and it is the system used by the United States and other well-known countries (Maureen, 2011). K-12 is composed of kinder garden and 1st to 12th grade while the 13th grade is the start of 1st year in the college level. Through K-12 system the students will have better job opportunities because other countries embrace this system however it will take students longer to achieve it.

Many aspects of society are being affected with this change of education system. Families will have a hard time providing their children’s needs  because of the longer years (n/a,K-12 academics) but the government has provided us many public schools that they can go to and study. Although we can have these schools, poor families tend to stop their children’s education because of the lack of funds and they send their children to work or beg for money so that they can meet their daily needs and wants. Another benefit or advantage if K-12 system is that student’s performance might get affected because of the changing of the system. Students could improve their performance because many topics can be tackled and learned by the students because of the longer years they stay in school (n/a, K-12 academics). Although this sounds good but most students will get bored because they would think that this is unfair for them to spend more years in school and might affect the students’ performance. And last teachers’ lack of benefits might hinder them to approve the system because of this problem. Teachers should have improved benefits with this approval plus the ratio between the teachers and the students is very high. Despite all of these problems, the teachers have the desire to educate students even though the lack of benefits could affect them but that is why they took teaching as a profession in the first place.

Overall the K-12 system has positive and negative effects to the community but despite the controversies that surrounded it, this will go on and be implemented next year to grade 1 students and so on. K-12 system could help students in the future for a better life and chances to have better jobs. And this system is nice because students can have more lessons that the previous system didn’t meet is one advantage and the other is when you go abroad it you could easily get hired because most countries have this system as their form of education.

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