the changes in carpentry industry

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The Changes in the Carpentry Industry
The carpentry industry has changed drastically through time, and this is because of all the developments that have happened. The main change is technology. The carpentry industry is very thankful for all the new technology. Technology has increased the time spent and even the cost of the project. Technology is not the only factor changing the carpentry industry. Different methods of completing projects have played a big role in changes. Carpenters have developed new and better techniques that help this industry advance. Carpentry is changing every day and the market is rising thanks to technology and newer practices. Carpentry is everywhere. Anything that has to do with wood involves carpenters. “Carpentry is the trade and art of cutting, working and joining timber” (Britannica). Anything that has wood was made by a carpenter. One of the main jobs a carpenter has is making houses. Carpenters can do almost everything in the house. Some of these jobs involve all of the framing of items such as doors, windows and stair cases (Britannica). After all the framing is done the carpenters have to do all the interior jobs. These jobs include trimming, kitchens, wooden furniture and sheet rocking. After they have all the framing done they start installing the house and covering it with sheet rock. This is so the house can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sheetrock is also used as a cover to paint the house and even to texture it. Carpenters have to make all of the wooden furniture and the kitchen cabinets, some premade by manufacturers, in the house. The kitchen is specifically made by a carpenter and his team. Some cabinet shops specify in only making the cabinets and installing granite countertops for the kitchens. That is because the kitchen is such a big place and it requires a lot of work. It takes several steps and can take up a long time. It takes less time to make separate cabinets and wooden furniture. The only reason it takes more time to make a kitchen is because it is bigger. It takes about a regular day of work to make a cabinet. There is an average of three steps to make a cabinet. The first is to measure and cut all the right parts in order to assemble it. The next part is putting it together and making sure it is sturdy and everything is right. The following step is finishing it. Once the cabinet is put together and has its form details are added to it so it can be nice. One of the main effects added is staining the wood or putting laminate on all the way around. Another important job that is done inside the house is all of the trimming. Trim carpenters are the ones who add the final touches to the house so it can look nice. One trick they can do to make the house look nicer is putting all of the trim around the door and windows. This job does not seem like much, but it can be quite a hassle. This trim connects the ceiling and the walls. In order to do this the workers have to figure out the certain angle that is needed for the corner. It can take up quite a bit of time. The trim can really make a house look nicer. A very intricate part of carpentry is joining wood. Every carpenter should know how to do this. Basically, this is combining two or more pieces in order to make a bigger piece. This technique can be used for everything. Woodworkers use this technique to make doors for drawers or for table tops. It may seem easy but joining wood is so much more to it than just gluing. Joining wood can be done with several different techniques. Some people leave indents in the wood so the other piece of wood can go in it. Then it is glued and it can stay connected for a long time.

A major problem in construction is that productivity has dropped in the past years. The reasons include changes in drawings and specification, worker experience and skills, worker motivation, inadequate communication, unavailability of the right materials or equipment and...

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