The change of women in history

Topics: Gender, Homosexuality, Transgender Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: October 30, 2014
what is the true myth of true women and real men? culture an cultural myths shape the roles men and women play in our private and public relationships. we are born in genders of male and feamle but are shaped into men and women. while bologicaly in Thiland cultural if your are a man and posses women chacteristics and assocate your self as a women then your consider a "true women and a real man". the defination of "appropiate" gender behavior varies dramcticlly from one culural group or historical period to the next. for example, in Thiland, men who act and dress like women are not only socially accepted but encouraged to particapte in popular, male-only beauty pageants; in contempoary american culture on the other hand, cross-dressers are usually seen as deviant and or ridiculous. in late-seventeenth and early-eighteenth century our current "masculinty" would be tested:in england elabrate laces, wigs, and makeup signed wealth, status and sexual attractiveness for men and women alike. In time history shows us how our gender dervies form cultural myths and what is propper for men and women to think and enjoy. History of events changes the "naturalness" of gender economic, and persoanl relation between sexes. history shows us how crossing dressing men were prasied for their personality, they were thought to have too confineded souls in one, possesing men ad women sprits. peple belived anyone who can carry two genders was considered suppior. only "true men" who carried two souls are prasied and looked upon as a God like features.

Refering to the twentyfirst century however, cross dressing and or gay men are ostrsided in society. people chastised them and resent them as humans, and even think of them as half of a person. sevral insidences have occuried invovling gay men and hate crimes resulting in injuries and death. in our society our culture seems to chastise anyone thats seems different in beliefs and looks. Centuries have changed cutural myths of sexes in...
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