The Challenge Of Modern Society Is How To Live Comfortably Today

Topics: Environmentalism, Environment, United States Environmental Protection Agency Pages: 3 (1650 words) Published: February 10, 2015
The challenge of modern society is how to live comfortably today, without messing with the planet and with our future. Getting a bumper crop today by exhausting the fertility of the soil is not sustainable development. Sustainable Development means meeting the needs of today without destroying the planet’s capacity to meet the needs of future generations. The cost estimates for environ-mental degradation in India are mind boggling. Every year, more than US $13 billion (6% GDP) alone are paid as environmental costs. People all over the planet have started realising that the quality of life today is no more a question of choice between development and environment or between technology and ecology. We in India, must understand that "the problems of the environment can only be solved within the process of development". The growing population with its ever increasing needs is often considered to be the reason for the mismatch between the availability of natural resources and the number of people that are sharing them. This situation is further aggravated when even a section of the population adopts unsustainable production and consumption practices. The future is bleak if we continue with the business as usual. As we interact with nature, we often tend to neglect some of the significant implications, may be not just out of mere carelessness but due to lack of knowledge, attitudes and value systems. Fortunately, people all around the world are becoming more aware of their environment than ever before. However, mere awareness may just make us more intelligent but not necessarily committed or accountable. But, in this age of cost-conscious society where the science of economics is ruling the world, we are left with no choice but to ‘act’. *

CLEAN-India students campaigning for a pollution free World
The choice is not a difficult one. We do not have to destroy forests to have paper. If managed properly, we can have both. We need not poison our resources before we even...
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