The Ceremony of the Easter Vigil Liturgy

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Essay on the Legacies of Imperialism

Tunisia and almost all of Africa were imperialized by France in the nineteenth century. This was an event with major implications in world history. In some ways, the impact can still be felt today or at least provide some foundation and understanding for current living conditions in Tunisia. During the nineteenth century, European nations were far superior and dominant over Africa. I believe one of the main reasons for western dominance was because the African countries had barely come into contact with the outside world, therefore, causing their lifestyles to be extremely primitive. On the other hand, Europe had been growing and innovating over the years. Some of the advantages Europe had over Africa were their advanced educational system, organized military and growing research and technology. All of these things played a huge role in Europeans imperializing the people of Africa. For example, African countries did not have an education system or an organized military, and they certainly did not have any technology that compared to Europe. Many historians believe the Africans often did not understand the treaties with France because they were illiterate and fighting for their independence probably seemed impossible against the French military.

Although the western countries still remain dominant today, their dominance isn't as great as it was during the time of imperialism. Over the past decades many African countries have made great strides economically, socially and politically. For example, Tunisia is now the most prosperous nation in Africa with a per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of $2,100. Importantly this wealth is well distributed with around 80% of the 9.4 million people considering themselves "middle class" according to recent surveys.

Even though imperialism had many negative affects on the Africans during the nineteenth century, I believe that in the long run, imperialism may have been...
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