The Censoring of The Hunger Games; an Argumentative Paper APA

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Complications among
The Hunger Games Verses Censorship
Jacob Millerleile
Jackson-Milton High School

The issue of this paper is going to discuss the censorship of the novel and movie, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. The novel was declared too graphic for the young mind, and yet there are many points behind the novel. The novel is indeed full of violence but it does not promote violence to the reader.

Furthermore, this paper will be going over not only the positive effects of reading The Hunger Games, but also the negative effects. Most articles that support the banning of The Hunger Games are highly unsupported because of the parents lack to take initiative and read the book themselves. This causes strain on the book and the public which ultimately lead to challenge the censorship of The Hunger Games. On the other hand, article’s supporting the novel discuss the knowledge gained from reading The Hunger Games by showing the importance of trying to overcome any obstacle thrown in a person’s path.

In conclusion, the paper will discuss the pros and cons of reading The Hunger Games. As a result, this will reveal the censorship of the novel and show how reading it does not impact the decisions of the reader. With restrictions being placed on the novel, the removal of this novel from students is due to misunderstandings taken place during the reading because most complaints are by concerned parents who have not taken the time to read the novel for themselves.

CENSORING OF THE HUNGER GAMES 3 Complications among The Hunger Games Verses Censorship
Society blocks certain criteria’s in literature because of foul language, an artist past, violence within the work, mature content, and alcoholism, but what is overlooked is the message it portrays to the audience. In fact, many very important pieces of literature have been censored for these reasons, and yet they actually send a very strong message to the audience. One of the more recent novels, later a movie, The Hunger games by Suzanne Collins, has become one of the most challenged books on censorship.

Nevertheless, society often judge’s a book based off what the people around them have to say about the book. Like The Hunger Games, many great bestselling novels are censored because of multiple reasons, even down to merely expressing ‘Political Views’ within a story. As stated by Rose in The Independent Liverpool Student Newspaper, “Entries for this decade include Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, The Color Purple, as well as the children’s series His Dark Materials and Harry Potter” (Rose, 2012, para.1). She also states that, “In many ways, being on the list this shows the books are doing something right” (Rose, 2012, para.1), which goes to show that these books are great reads with tremendous storylines.

On the other hand, how many people actually sat down, read the book, and then decided that the novel was too ‘explicit’, or too ‘violent’, or even too ‘anti-family’. Many people base their own reviews on the reviews of others. The problem is that society believes what many people have to say about something before actually taking the time to discover what they believe to be true. Of course there are pieces of literature that are bad pieces of work, but if a book has a CENSORING OF THE HUNGER GAMES 4 good rating and the comments are usually great but then there are some comments that hate the book, then why do we continue to assume that the book is too overwhelming? With this in mind, many truly inspiring pieces of work...

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