The Cave: The Allegory Of The Cave

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“The Allegory of the Cave” The Allegory of the Cave can be broken down in many ways. It basically states that people are chained to the wall in a cave and they have nothing to look at but the shadows of one another. This is all that they know of that exists; no one has ever been outside the cave. We have to look real hard for the hidden messages or what the author is trying to allude to in this story. I think the main point of this story is the author trying to give us an example of how or the way that we all live our lives. We only see what we want to see as human. The Shadow makers represent the opinions makers, or the people that make us look at the world the way we do. An opinion maker can be anyone, a priest telling you how God wants …show more content…
While I do agree with the interpretations of the story up to a point, the part where I differ in my views is upon leaving the cave. I do believe while on Earth some do break their chains and escape the cave to see what reality is, I also believe that we all eventually break the chains, some just do it while on Earth. What I mean by that is; in death we break the chains. The Allegory says that it is painful to break the chains, and in most cases death is not pleasant but painful. Once out of the chains, there is indecision, to what to do, or where to go. Only when the sunlight is spotted from the cave entrance does one know where to go. In other words we need light to see or view things for the way they are. Again death echoes this same pattern. Many say after death there is indecision until the bright light draws them toward it. The Outside of the cave, the true reality, then is a symbol of heaven. Both represent a better place, a sort of paradise where things can be more clearly understood. This interpretation may conflict with an earlier statement that suggests that some break the chains and become enlightened while on earth but it does not. A selected few are though lucky enough to find true reality while on Earth. Again lucky are the

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