The Cave

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August 27, 2013
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The Cave
In the story The Cave by Plato, Plato uses this story as an allegory. The allegory of the cave is that we are chained to a wall. Behind us is another wall with figures walking across it and behind that wall is a pit of fire. With that, the firelight casts shadows upon the wall in front of those chained to the wall. These shadows are illusions, and many people perceive it to be reality rather than an illusion. With this in mind, it is fairly easy to apply this to many life experiences. One experience that sticks out the most to me is the four years in high school. When high school started that is when I felt like I was chained to a wall, because during that year everyone treats you like a baby again rather than a young adult. When chained to the wall, I began to notice that everyone was content in what they believed was true instead of thinking and learning for themselves. In other words, during that first year of high school everyone (including me) began “going with the flow” rather than making their own decisions, and as a result it felt like we were living in a bubble. We were living in a bubble, because mostly all of the classes that we had to take as freshmen in high school were forced electives. As a result, we were always content with the world around us because we always had someone making our own decisions. When sophomore year and junior year came around, I finally started to think for myself and I started to experience some reality. For example, I began to see the shadows that were being reflected on the wall. These shadows projected on the walls were mostly the things that I had to accomplish before I graduated such as taking the ACT/SAT, choosing a college to go to, and taking the required classes that I needed to graduate. Many people began to look at these shadows and they began to ponder if these shadows were illusions or reality. As a result, some people that I knew who saw these...
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