The Causes of World War I

Topics: Causality, Triple Entente, England Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Many events led up to the war involving alliances and assassinations, but the confusion began when countries blamed other countries. Alliances, militarism, and colonization are the most important and effective causes of WWI.

One of the main reasons war became global was the intervention of alliances. The Triple Alliance was caught between the Triple Entente causing disturbances. (A) Help from Russia and Britain got the entire continent of Europe involved. Because of so many alliances, each country could point fingers at another country for the cause of WWI. (B) For example, Russia is allies with France, so when Germany invaded France, Russia started blaming Germany too. (B) If there were no alliances the war would have been an ethnic battle between two countries.

Another cause of WWI was the build up of militaries. From 1890-1914, every countries army had doubled, making each country stronger and more competitive. (C) Countries with weak armies couldn’t compete against England who had the strongest of them all. (D) The more money spent on each army; the more they are ready and willing to fight. (C) The constant build up of armies caused tension between countries and former weak armies wanted to take down stronger ones that had defeated them before.

The final cause of WWI dealt with Imperialism and Colonization. England had control of colonies in all parts of the world, therefore controlling the seas. (E) The only way to beat England was to have a strong Navy. Britain owned eight times the amount of land than any other country. (F) Propaganda from Germany, made England out to look like, “The bloodsucker of the world,” fueling the Germans to want to fight. (E) If Britain’s colonization was controlled or stopped, the issue of lost freedom and hatred would not exist.

Although hatred for one another country caused WWI, the intervention of alliances, competition for stronger armies, and thirst for more colonies were the underlying causes to the Crime of Ages....
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