The Causes of Stress on High School Students

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The Causes of Stress on High School Students
Ask any high school student what they have in common with other high school students and stress is likely to be on one of the top commonalities. Why? Stress, whether good or bad, plays a major role in life. Stress can be produced from a plethora of situations. In this assignment it will be necessary to limit the focus to three considerably relevant stressors, annoying parents who seem to fuss regularly, maintaining good grades for the sake of not failing a class and procrastinating to the last minute on projects.

First, one of the causes of stress on high school students comes from annoying parents who seem to fuss regularly. For high school students, having annoying parents is very stressful for many reasons. When having annoying parents means they will make a fuss out of virtually anything. From big things like having terrible grades in classes or calls home from school to petty things like leaving the T.V or lights on. Having parents feel this way causes a student to feel guilt. This will eventually cause stress.

Another cause of stress is maintaining good grades for the sake of not failing a class. For high school students, grades are so important, some consider them life or death. These grades determine if a student will pass or fail a class. High school student do not normally want to fail a class but sometimes it just happens. Having received these terrible failing grades not only makes students feel bad about themselves but feel like they let down their parents.

Next, the last cause of stress comes from procrastinating to the last minute on projects. Procrastination, a word every high school student should be familiar with. Procrastination is used by high school students in many shapes and forms. From waiting until the last minute to finish a project or finishing a paper the day it’s due. At the end of the day, procrastination is always used. Most likely on assignments that have a great grade value...
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