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The Causes of Stress for College Students

By dallasmom99 Oct 23, 2010 481 Words
Causes of Stress for College Students
It is true that many students deal with stress in college, which can be a significant factor in the considered phenomenon. In fact, due partially to stress, an unexpectedly high percentage of college freshmen drop out of their school. What accounts for this stress? There are some reasons why college students have stress: imminent examination, financial problem, and the peer pressure. First of all, the most important stress for college students is the cramming of examination. Most students have anxiety a lot about quizzes and tests that have a decisive effect of their transcription. For instance, students feel that they are harassed. Some students do a lot of studying at the last minute believing they know all the materials in one night; even staying up all night studying not getting enough sleep. Also, students are always worried a lot about what is going to be on the test, or they believe they have not studied hard enough for the test. Students think that they will fail the test, for this can lead to feeling upset. If a student fails a course, they might give up trying and not be able to not focus on their other courses Secondly, the cause of stress for college students is the financial problem. Many students are independent of their parents after graduate from high school. Some students have to work in part-time to support their tuitions and living expenses after class. For example, when I was college student, I worked in restaurant in par-time to make a living. My parents supported only my school tuition. I did not have enough time to enjoy my campus life. It was very stressful and in envy of other wealthy students at that time. I was usually busy studying and working on the weekdays. Lastly, the cause of the stress is peer pressure. Peer pressure is when friends persuade you to doing something like alcohol or drug that you do not want to do. This peer pressure is coerced into doing something that you did not want to do because your friends said that you should. Many students are vulnerable to bad peer-pressure because they are afraid of being rejected, losing friends, being teased and they do not know how to say "NO". Some students do not think about the consequences and they cannot explain. In conclusion, college students have a lot of stress. In my opinion, to overcome stress we need to balance academic demands and the social demands of college. Socializing and being surrounding by positive people is an important aspect of overcoming stress. In addition, we have to set priorities and make the most of our opportunities as a student. We also have to learn to say “No”. I believe that stress for college student is one of process for achievement we have earned for life.

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