The Causes of Poor Grades

Topics: Homework, Schoolwork, Coursework Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: November 30, 2009
When I was in high school, I used to always wonder why I made poor grades. Making poor grades made me feel bad, so I started to think of ways that I could do better in school. Getting poor grades comes from not doing one’s school work on time, failing to ask questions, and not coming to class on a regular basis.

First, the immediate cause of poor grades is not doing one’s work or waiting until the last minute to do assignments. Doing coursework is very important to achieving better grades. For example, if someone is taking an algebra class and doesn’t do the in class or homework assignment for his or her benefit, it would be very hard to get a better understanding of the lesson. If a student waits until the last minute to complete an assignment and doesn’t understand anything he or she just did, this could be a serious problem for one, especially if there’s a big test coming up. I used to have a big problem with waiting to the last minute to do an essay until I started seeing how procrastinating affects my thinking process and my grades. A secondary cause of getting poor grades is failing to ask questions if a student doesn’t understand something. People who fail to ask questions are always the ones who are confused or left with their mouths open when test time comes around. I have found out that being hesitant about making sure I understand something results in poor grades. There were times when I didn’t understand certain concepts and was afraid to ask questions, and the results ended in disaster. Eventually, I begin asking questions and got a better outcome. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions can prevent surprises when a student gets tests back, and also prevents poor grades.

Finally, the last reason that causes poor grades is not coming to class on a regular basis. Although students may not realize, missing classes causes a person to miss some very important information that may be crucial in the end. Especially in college, if one misses...
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