The Causes of People exercise

Topics: Exercise, Muscle, Physical exercise Pages: 4 (661 words) Published: September 25, 2014
I. Title: The Causes of People Exercise
II. Introduction:
A. Hook
B. Thesis statement: There are three causes of people exercise: health, appearance, and relieve stress. III. Body Paragraph 1: Health
A. Promote digestion
B. Promote blood circulation
C. Disease prevention
IV. Body Paragraph 2: Appearance
A. Increase muscle
B. Lost weight
V. Body Paragraph 3: Relieve stress
A. A lot of work
B. Abreact a bad mood
C. Divert attention
VI. In Conclusion

Qiang Yi
IEP 261-262
Final Draft # 1
September 21, 2014
Word Count: 502

The Causes of People Exercise

Today, according to statistics of exercise (by President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, 2013), in the United States, approximately 50% of people do exercise every week. There are almost 2.7 million Fitness Centers, and people still continue to set up the Fitness Centers. Doing exercises have already become a habit in our life. Sowhy do the most of people choose to exercise? This essay will explain that people exercise due to the fact that they want to promote health, enhance appearance, and relieve stress. First of all, the most important cause is that people want to have a healthy body. When people eat too much food, they had better do exercises. For example, people can take a walk for a few minutes or ride a bike slowly. It can help the stomach promote digestion. On the other hand, doing exercise can help people to promote the blood circulation. The blood circulation can promote the body metabolism and produces the protein. Moreover, doing an exercise is good for disease prevention. Especially, it is really beneficial for the elderly to disease prevention. Due to the old people are in a high-risk group of disease like myocardial infarction, senile dementia, and so on. As a result, doing an exercise makes life healthy. Secondly, people can enhance their appearance since they exercise. Today, more and more people think that having a good muscle is more appealing than...

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