The Causes Of Homelessness

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Megann Schmidt I chose to do my reflection over the “The Causes of Homelessness” speech video, and overall, I would say the speaker did an excellent job presenting the topic with only a few noticeable flaws here and there. Beginning with the environment, I would say that the speaker used the best possible visual aids for his area. To me it looked like he was almost in a lecture hall, so the use of powerpoint slides was great because everyone was probably able to see them. However, he could have walked around or just moved a little more because his environment gave him a little space to move, so I would have liked to see him use that space in a non-distracting way instead of just looking stuck in one spot. For example, he could have walked over and pointed to a picture or graphic on his slides. Secondly, his vocal delivery was quite good. The speaker used a …show more content…
The speaker had a fantastic introduction with an attention getter, beautifully written thesis statement, and preview statement. The speech was organized in cause and effect fashion including two causes for homelessness and their effects, and I thought this made the speech easy to follow and relate to. He also included transitions between each of his three main points, and he had adequate supporting information for each point as well.
The speaker’s ability to speak extemporaneously was quite good because he seemed very prepared to speak, but it would have been better had he been able to add more emotion to the speech. Although, he gave a great introduction with a well thought out attention getter and thesis, he seemed to be just remembering previous times he had given his speech. I would have been more engaged had he seemed less bored with what he was saying. Since his topic is a quite touching one, I naturally felt a little engaged, but I think he easily could have used this to his advantage to highly immerse his audience by their

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