The causes and bad effect of stress to student in studying and the solutions

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“The causes and bad effect of stress to student in studying and the solutions"

Student : Vu Phuong Thao
Class: I9A1 Instructor: Ms. Dan Huyen, M.A

Hanoi, 2014 June

                    First of all, I want to send the most respectful thank to Ms. Dan Huyen, M.A and Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang, M.A – my admirable and enthusiastic tutors for the great direction, suggestions and advice. She provided me on the way we do our research. I could not do such a great job without her comments.          Second, it would be such a big regret without saying “thank you” to people who answered our survey questions. I know that all of you spent your valuable time on helping me and I cannot do anything without this. Anyway, the only thing I can do now is saying thank you again.



1.1 Background
Today, there are many pressures in human life. Pressures of work, school, family, and having too much pressure will make people stress. For many people, living with stress is a way of life, now. Melinda Smith, Robert Segal, and Jeanne Segal (2014) argue that stress is normal physical response which occurs when people danger, feel threatened or lose the balance – whether it’s real or imagined. This reason is the body’s way of protecting people. In the short time and with small dose, stress helps people concentrated, energetic, face with challenges, warn and also giving extra strength in emergence. However, exceeding a certain point, stress becomes harmful and dangerous to health, mood, relationships and quality of life. Furthermore, according to Bernard Seal (1998) stress can cause the illness not only direct ways but on also mediate ways. Beyond a certain unit, stress makes people more sensitive to be illness and heart diseases, the body’s immune system tend to decrease the diseases - fighting effectiveness, so people are be illness easier. Also, stress brings illness in indirect ways by impact people’s mood and behaviors. This is because while people under stress, they may be change the daily habit that lead to dangerous to their health. Moreover, stress can cause physical pains or aches, but in this case people often think that they “sick” and use medicine to solve. Through the time, instead of dealing the stressful situations, they really fall sick. For all the result above, it is necessary to notice when stress is overcharge. In general, the signs and symptoms of overload stress can be anything because everybody goes through stress differently, and depending on many factor, each person can suffer stress with different level, but it can classify stress’s symptoms to four form that are emotional symptoms, cognitive symptoms, physical symptoms, and behavioral symptoms. In addition, there are many factors impact, and cause stress for human in modern life. Melinda Smith, Robert Segal, and Jeanne Segal (2014) indicated five ones that influence people’s stress tolerance level which are the support network, the sense of control, attitude and outlook, the ability to deal with emotions, and the knowledge and preparation. These five factors can improve the capacious endurance of stress or make stress serious. Moreover, stress may be caused by external factors or can also be self-generated. The external causes due to outside factors effect while internal causes due to the ways people thinking, worry, optimistic or pessimistic. With student, stress is also popular disease in studying. James Archer (2003) argue that although the college experience can be idealized by parents and teachers, it is fact that this period is stressful and frustrating with student who are attending in college because of the competition for grades, relationships, career choice, and many other troubles of the college environment. Also, four primary sources of stress are the environment, physiological conditions, thoughts,...
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