The Cause of the American Revolution

Topics: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War, George Washington Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Both the British government and the American colonists had different views on how the colonies should be governed. Their points of view shaped their actions prior to the Revolutionary War. The American colonists protested and rebelled against the actions of the British and the British continued to place laws and taxes on the colonists, feeling it was their right to do so. Ultimately, these disagreements led the colonists to seek independence and fight for their freedom.

The 13 colonies and England was great till the British started to give out laws and taxing the colonies without their permission or agreement. This made the colonies mad so they protested , boycotted and led small rebellions which made the imports from Great Britain to the colonies decline.(Doc.2) Both of theses countries had different views on how the colonies should be governed. George Grenville, who’s a member of Parliament, agreed with Britain to tax the colonies to pay off their debts from the war.(Doc.1) So the Parliament passed laws which were the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Tea Act and the Townshend Act. Most of these acts was to tax the colonies. George Washington believe that just asking the British government to reduce taxes is the wrong course of action, he wanted to petition.(Doc.3) The colonies or patriots who supported America, protested but it just made things worse. There was not too many patriots in the colonies till Thomas Paine wrote a book called “Common Sense” which convinced many American colonists to fight independence, choose their side and follow their destiny.

After what happen in the Boston Tea Party, the Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts. The delegates voted to ban all trade with Britain until the Intolerable Acts were repealed. The colonist hoped that it will work, but the Parliament stood firm. This began the American Revolution. The colonies posted a recruiting poster to recruit soldiers for the Continental Army under the command of General...
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