The Cause And Effects Of Air Pollution

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The Cause and Effects of Air Pollution
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The Cause and Effects of Air Pollution
Polluted fumes can enter the earth’s troposphere from a variety of ways. Three main sources that air pollution have been known to evolve from is exhaust from motor vehicles, harmful emissions from industrial factories, and soot from wood burning fireplaces. Impurities from the air have been known to cause a number of health related issues such as headaches, emphysema, and allergies. Although air pollution can be created from many different sources, it is important that people of all nations come together as a whole in order to manage the amount of toxics that enters the atmosphere on a daily basis. Controlling the amount of waste that enters the environment plays an essential role in the longevity of humanity. ("Advanced Composition For Non-Native Speakers Of English", 2001-2014). Traffic

In prosperous countries such as the United States, a vehicle is manufactured for every two people. This equals up to nearly a half billion of cars commuting through traffic each day. The majority of these motor vehicles run off of gasoline and diesel engines that particularly burn petroleum in order to release energy. The substance of petroleum contains hydrocarbons (huge particles made of hydrogen and carbon.) Ideally, thoroughly burning this chemical compound with an adequate amount of oxygen should result in forming nothing more than water and carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, fuels are not made of pure hydrocarbons and engines do not burn without producing harmful pollution. The effect of such practices releases all sorts of toxics into the atmosphere. These toxics can range from soot in a variety of sizes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), lead, carbon monoxide (CO, a venomous gas), and nitrogen oxides (Nox), which in return contributes to producing ozone. A combination of these noxious chemicals combined with sunlight will sometimes create a brownish or bluish haze, also known as smog, which has the tendency to linger over the city for days at a time. (Woodford, 2014). Industrial Facilities

Facilities that manufacture products that society depends on frequently dispense a miniscule but revelatory amount of pollutants into the atmosphere. Factories that generate metal goods like aluminum and steel, reform petroleum, produce cement, fabricate plastics, or cultivate liquid materials are all examples of such establishments that can contribute to environmentally harmful airborne substances. Most of these industries exude diminutive quantities of pollution over extended periods of time that can accumulate gradually. Others, in accidental cases, can discharge massive volumes of contaminants into the air dangerous enough to kill thousands in a much shorter instance. (Woodford, 2014). Wood Burning

The warnings listed on the label of precut firewood list side effects you’d expect to find on a pack of cigarettes or virulent materials. “Known to cause health related issues, such as birth defects, reproductive harm, or cancer.” In reality, strokes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, premature death, and asthma attacks, as well as cancer are all related to toxins developed by burning wood. Substances released into the air from the burning of wood plays a main factor in increasing the build of soot. This destructive mixture has been known to leave numerous amounts of people gasping for air. The particles are so small that not only do they get into the lungs, causing respiratory distress; some also cross over into the bloodstream itself. (McClure, 2011). These Small particles of soot contribute to only one of the many unhealthy effects of wood burning. Others include a powerful cancer causing agent called benzene, a cluster of chemicals known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon that are also associated with cancer in laboratory test animals. The chemicals have also been known to...

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