The Cause and Effect of Open Burning

Topics: Oxygen, Sun, Ozone Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: August 19, 2012
 In the past, the air was so fresh, the water was so clean, and the Earth was so healthy. Today, smell the polluted air, look at the polluted water, and feel the terrible heat of the sun; everything is polluted! The Earth is getting worse day by day. The Earth’s sickness is a chronic matter for every being on the Earth. Why? What causes the Earth to degrade, to get sick?           People are too irresponsible. They don’t care about the Earth. They burn things without a limit, throw trashes into the sea, and chop down trees as their will. They just don’t care about it! People are so inconsiderate. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Everything is about benefit, selfishness, and self pleasure. They think the matter won’t cause them anything and don‘t bother about it. But, what about their descendants and the other beings?           The oxygen level in the air goes down, but the carbon dioxide level is rising. It is a result of too much logging. The smoke exhausted by vehicles, factories, and open burning cause the air pollution. The chlorofluorocarbon released by air conditioners and refrigerators; and the nuclear weapons used during wars cause the ozone depletion. More ultraviolet rays from the sun can pass through the ozone layer. These cause the rising temperature of the Earth, which is also called global warming.           Global warming caused the icebergs on the Earth to melt and made the sea level goes up. As a result, more floods will happen on Earth and low-landed area will be drowned. More and more disasters such as tsunami, earthquake, and volcano eruption will occur. The climate of the Earth will be affected too. Just imagine as if the Sahara Desert was snowing, everyone was sweating of the heat in the Artic, and the sea level went up to the Statue of Liberty’s body! Is that horrible for you?           If the Earth continues to get worse, this may be the end of it, the end of us. More natural disasters and disease’s outbreaks will...
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