The Cause and Effect of Fast Food Restaurants

Topics: Fast food, Nutrition, Hamburger Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: April 27, 2011
Today, fast food restaurants have appeared in large quantities all over the world. Many fast food companies all have business everywhere such as McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King. Variety of people, especially the youths, prefers to eat fast food than cook at home. Absolutely, fast food is convenient for people’s lives, and has become popular in the world. However, fast food is making the world unhealthy and impatient. The appearance of fast food restaurants represents the fast pace of the world’s lives. As a part of a study of the influences of nourishing ingredients on eating selections launched by Rydell, Harnack, Oakes, Story, Jeffery, and French(2008), participators were required to explain why having meal at fast-food restaurants: ninety-two percent (92%) of the reasons were “fast food is quick” and eighty percent (80%) were “restaurants are easy to get to”. The Speedee Service System, a new system of food preparation which Wilson (2009) referred to, has made fast food restaurants become an industry chain all over the world. According to Wilson (2009), “the fast food phenomenon evolved from drive-in restaurants” and “generally used the short-order style of food preparation”. The first purpose of the appearance of the fast food restaurants is to service the drivers who want to have meal without leaving cars. Fast food restaurants are able to provide the rapid arrangement and cheaper food to reduce the cost of time and money, which is also the reason why fast food can become a large industry in a few years. However, fast food is making the world unhealthier. Dr. Stanley Ulijaszek, a British nutritionist, revealed that fast food is the major reason for people became fat, because this kind of food is very high in fat and sugar. A study published in the Lancet Medical Journal found those who often ate fast food gained 10 pounds more than those who did so less often, and were more than twice as likely to develop an insulin disorder linked to diabetes. Not only...

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