The Catholic Social Teaching

Topics: Poverty, Human rights, Catholic social teaching Pages: 5 (2831 words) Published: October 24, 2014

Caleb Williams-64921 Religion- Lesson One-Chapter One What are two aspects of the world we live in ? light and shadows. What are the two basic choices we have when confronted with suffering in the world ? to believe we can do something about the situation or we can do nothing. In order to hope what is necessary ? We must believe in the possibility that what one wants can actuallt happen. What does someone who is motivated by individualism believes ? That each person should take responsibility for his or her own llief and when people fail to take responsibility for themselves, others should not be expectd to help them. Someone is motivated by enlightened self interest ?he or she will realize that by helping others we are really helping ourselves. Describe the feeling of compassion. It is the feeling of life giving closeness and protective care. What is the result when humans fail to love as God does ? The result is disorder, destruction and suffering. Why is creation Good? Creation is GOOD because it unfolds from God’s own goodness. What three truths humans proclaim as creatures made in the image of God ? 1. We are made good 2. We were made to be in relationship with God and others 3. We were made free. What is the foundation of human dignity ? It is the basic goodness of human beings that comes from always being loved by God. Humans are made to relate with other people, with creation and with God. In what does God call humans to share? God call humans to share in Free Will. Why is free will required if people are going to be able to love? Without Free Will, people would not be able to love, becaue love is always freely given. What is the name given to tendency to live selfishly in broken relationship with God, self and creasion ?It is personal sin. What is Grace. Grace is that transforming love of God.

What was the purpose of the Law which God gave the Jewish people? It sought to promote goodness and love of neighbor. What did the prophets emphasize if the people were to please God? The prophets emphasized the connection between love of God and love of neighbor. Why are the poor and oppressed especially love by God? The poor and oppessed are especially loved by God because they need his love the most. Caleb Williams-64921

Religion-Lesson Two-Chapter Two The Catholic social teaching is the teaching of the Church that examines human society in light of the Gospel and Church Tradition for the purpose of guiding Christians as they caryy on the misson of Jesus in the word. What is meant by “the signs of the tmes”? The signs of the times is the Church’s response to the world as it fows out of its interpretation of the world’s realities. Why did Leo issue the Rerum Novarum? Leo XIII issued the encyclical Renum Novarum because he was concerned with the injustices facing the working class. The major elements in the encyclical are cooperation between classes, the dignity of work, the role of state, private ownership of property and the defense of the poor. On what two levels does the church need to be concerned about moral issues? The church needs to be concerned on the indiviual and social level about moral issues. The five area the church need work in the social documents are Peace on Earth, the Church in the Modern World, The Development of Peoples, A Call to Action and Justice in the World. What was the Cold War? The Cold War was the period between 1945 and 1990 when Us and Sovient Union compete to dominate the world with military weapons The seven themes of Catholic Social teaching are

The Life and Dignity of the Human Person
Call to Family, Community and Participation’
Rights and Responsibilities
The Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
The Dignity of work and the Rights of Workers
Care for God’s...
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