The Catcher in the Rye

Topics: Novel, Short story, W. Somerset Maugham Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: January 15, 2013
The Analysis of the text “Escape” by S.Maugham.
Somerset Maugham was born on 25th of April, 1874 and died on 16th of December in 1965. He was an English playwright, novelist and short story writer. Somerset Maugham has written 24 plays, 19 novels and a large number of short stories. In 1897 appeared his first novel “Liza of Lambeth” which drew on his experience of attending women in childbirth. Maugham’s breakthrough novel was the semi-autobiographical “Of Human Bondage”, which is usually considered his outstanding achievement. The titles of some of Maugham’s early novels were familiar to a whole generation of readers: “The Moon and Sixpence”, “Ashenden, or the British Agent” and “Cakes and Ale, or The Skeleton in the Cupboard”. Maugham became a witty satirist of the post-colonial world. His stories are told in clear, economical style with cynical or resigned tone. In general, Maugham's novels and short stories could be characterized by great narrative facility, an ironic point of view, cosmopolitan settings, and an astonishing understanding of human nature. The text under study is a story titled “Escape”. The narrator starts with the philosophic digression about the relationships between women and men. He narrates about his friend, Roger Charing, who fell in love with Mrs Barlow who made up her mind to marry him. First Roger was happy, introduced her to his friends, gave her jewels, took to different place and soon their marriage was announced. But after that he suddenly fell out love, he understood the entire situation and not to lose his status in the society he kept his own counsel. He showed no sign of being out of love but he promised to marry her only after they would find a house to live in. While searching for a house he managed to find a fault in each house that made it unsuitable. Ruth began to grow angry, but Roger was gentle and just asked her to have some patience. The she refused to visit the houses and they didn’t meet. In a week she wrote a...
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