The Catbird Seat

Topics: Brown, Man, Bullying Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: November 26, 2008


• The main characters are Mr. Martin and Mrs. Ulgine Barrows. • Mr. Martin is the protagonist as he is shown as the “hero”. His character is shown as a positive character. The fact that he has stayed at the company for 22 years and everybody likes him makes him a protagonist. Mrs. Barrows is always taunting Mr. Martin. She is annoying and always goes against Mr. Martin, the protagonist, makes her an antagonist. • Mr. Martin has been working in the company for twenty two years. He does not smoke or drink. Mrs. Marrows is also an employee of the company but she goes against everything Mr. Martin has done by giving comments. • Mr. Martin wants Mrs. Barrows out of his company or at least out of his department. Mr. Barrows wants to bring some changes to Mr. Martin’s department. • Mr. Martin is a short, calm and small man, quite opposite of the stereotype we have of men. On the other side, Mrs. Barrows has manly characteristics – bold, tough, and rude. She is also very annoying and not very smart. Both characters are opposite of the stereotypes we have of men and women in our society. • Mr. Martin is a dynamic and round character. Mrs. Barrows is a static and flat character.


• The story takes in Broadway. The company and Ms. Barrows house is especially emphasized. This story creates an image of an “office” world. The office setting is appropriate as Mr. Martin and Mrs. Barrows are the employees of the same company. The story seems to have taken place around 1940s or 1950s.


• Mr. Martin had been working in the company for 22 years. Mrs. Barrows also joins the same company. She does not like what was happening in Mr. Martin’s department, so she would taunt Mr. Martin about it. Mr. Martin did not like that. He wanted to get rid of Mrs. Barrows from the company or at least from the department. He plans to murder her at her house. But he decides against it. He chooses to...
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