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In Western Australia

St Vincent de Paul society leaded by John Gorman first began in Western Australia on the 8th of December 1865 with its first conference. This conference was called the ' Perth conference' and began to carry out the main work of Home Visitation for the society in W.A. In Today's society in Western Australia the St Vincent de Paul has more than 75 conferences helping and providing hope, comfort and dignity to people who are disadvantaged due to sickness, job loss, mental illness and family breakdowns within W.A

Purpose/mission in agency

St Vincent de Paul is a prime organisational group that follows Jesus's teachings and living life through the gospel message, by serving others and Christ within the poor and disadvantaged people through giving them their love, respect, hope, justice and joy by working to shape a more humane, merciful and compassionate society. St Vincent de Paul's vision is to strive to be recognised by the Australian society as the compassionate Catholic charity that offers a helping hand to people in need. they believe that by respecting others dignity, sharing their hope and encouraging others, it helps the take control of their own dignity.


Government Funding -

Most of the work at St Vincent de Paul's society is carried out by members and volunteers however the government does in fact fund the organisation towards aged care facilities, housing and homeless services and supported employment for people with disabilities.

Donations -

Anybody can donate to St Vincent de Paul. Donations of clothing, furniture, household goods and money can be made at any local St Vincent de Paul centre. Those donations will go towards assisting people in your local area.
Local/Community Fundraising -

St Vincent de Paul raise a substantial amount of money each year through their good works and services through community fundraising efforts.


St Vincent de Paul...
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