The Castle

Topics: Australia, Comedy, Constitution of Australia Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: November 4, 2008
I consider mate ship as another important message being suggested in The Castle.

This film shows the cast as always being there for one another. The first thing that Darryl does when he gets his eviction notice is run to Jacks house to check on him. This sort of caring relationship is shown continually throughout the film and I believe it is put forward as the foundation of the Australian relationships. A prime example of mate ship in the castle is the scenario in which Denis represents Darryl despite his lack competence in the area. Denis is used to dealing with small things such as conveyancing wills and probate not constitutional law. I believe that entering into this case with no idea of what he is doing and only representing Darryl out of mate ship is a perfect example of what Australians are like, Dennis was a little short on specifics, arguing that Darryl's case violates the "vibe" of the Australian constitution. Dennis was willing to chuck himself in the deep end of the pool all for the sake of helping out a mate.

I think the most central message about Australia being presented in his movie is to do with Family values. The Kerrigan's, are the perfect representation of the traditional Australian family. They are a family which eats dinner together at the same time every night, with Darryl, unfailingly complementing Sal on her cooking. They love each other and respect each other, and even though Wayne is in jail for armed robbery they are all as proud of him as each other. The film pokes a lot of fun at the Kerrigan's and Australians in general. But the typical Australian family with the pool room, patio & trading post on the kitchen table evoke something deeper in us than a quaint fondness. Although we spend a lot of the film laughing at them and their some what ignorant ways, we find by the end of the film that we have built a kind of bond with them. Despite their to some extent typical Australian foolishness we see that they are a family that is...
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