The Case for Euthanasia

Topics: Death, Law, Conservatism Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The Case for Euthanasia
By Martin Wan

Throughout our lives we are plagued with the idea of death. For all of us, our fate is inevitable. Nobody lives forever. But in certain circumstances, should individuals be granted the “right to die”? To understand the case for euthanasia, you must first ask yourself this: how do you want to die? Surely you will overlook this question now, but in the future when you are confined to a hospital bed, facing life’s inevitably painful fate, you may not have a choice. Despite conservative opinions, euthanasia is morally justifiable, logical, and a case of liberty.

In cases that euthanasia is desired, it is morally justifiable. We live in a world where there are countless heinous diseases that lead to a natural death. Many of which cannot be cured. Situations exist in which individuals face unbearable pain, slowly amounting towards a horrific, unavoidable death. With the consent of the person, what’s inhumane about taking the agony out of death? In fact, many doctors and nurses actually support the idea of a right to die. In essence, the issue of euthanasia also entails the question of an individual’s right to life.

Granting individuals the right to die is actually the most logical thing to do. In Canada, the largest government expenditure is healthcare costs. Healthcare costs the nation 10% of the growth domestic produce in a year, not tax revenue but GDP. No matter how much funding it receives, health resources will always be limited. Individuals that want to live are placed in long wait times for healthcare. Allowing euthanasia would not only let people have what they want, it would free valuable resources to treat people who desperately want to live. Thus, sanctifying the right to life. Furthermore, as long as the act remains illegal, it is still going to take place anyways. Abuse of the procedure is inevitable, and lives of the vulnerable will be in the balance. Society could have a vigorously regulated...
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