The Case Against Tipping

Topics: Homelessness, Taxicab, Black-and-white films Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: June 20, 2011
The Case Against Tipping
Michael Lewis’ essay, “The Case Against Tipping”, is an arguable topic that can really get you thinking. Ever wonder why people tip? It is an incentive to do so or it is out of kindness of their heart. After reading Lewis’ essay, I have to say that he has never had experience working a job that relies heavily on tips for a salary. To have such a bitter attitude towards waiters or coffee shop workers shows me that Michael Lewis is not empathetic simply because he has never been in that situation. I came to this conclusion for the following reasons; Lewis refers to the tip jar as a “beggars cup”, the concept of waiters depending virtually solely on tips is not very real to Lewis, and Lewis believes that tips or more like a tax. When the phrase “beggars cup” is said, one can’t help but imagine a homeless person sitting on a sidewalk harassing commuters for loose change for nothing in return. By Lewis comparing a bum on the side of the road to a hard working employee of a clean establishment is pushing crossing the line. A worker who performs a service for you should be rewarded for speedy service. A beggar on the street is should not be worthy of anything from you but your pity. The two situations are apples and oranges. A discrete cup or tray that does not say anything pertaining to tips should be just another part of the counter for Lewis. Anyone else with a heart will at least drop their change they have just received into the cup for the employees. The phrase “the punishment doesn’t fit the crime” applies here. If your coffee and muffin cost a mere four to five dollars, then just a few cents is respectable. If your bill at a restaurant or diner is sixty to seventy dollars, then tip accordingly. If Lewis truly endured years of servitude as a waiter at a casual restaurant of any type, I believe his views would not be as harsh as they are in “The Case Against Tipping”. No one really knows how much actual salary a waiter or a coffee...
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