The Case Against Mercury Amalgam

Topics: RNA, DNA, Dental amalgam controversy Pages: 8 (2399 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The Case Against Mercury Amalgam

The August issue of “Nature” a high end science journal printed an article with the following information. RNA polymerase chain elongation is stopped by mercury chloride. RNA polymerase contain a sulfahydral active center which is inhibited by mercury. This means that copies of RNA will not be created and this will limit the amount of certain proteins and enzymes available during critical times in development and growth.

The dogma of molecular biology entails the transcription of genetic information from DNA onto RNA and the translation of these mRNA messages into proteins and enzymes. It is the function of RNA polymerase, to copy the genetic message to messenger RNA as well as synthesize transfer RNA and ribosomal RNA. The article further expounded that the protein called A2Bp1 produced in nerve cells helps cut and stitch pieces of RNA together to create mRNA molecules that guide production of proteins. In autistic brains 200 plus distinct RNA molecules were stitched together incorrectly. Each of the 200 plus RNA molecules had the potential to be made into a dysfunctional protein in the brain. .

Infants who appear normal during the first few months of life, may later display subtle  effects: shorter attention spans, poor fine motor function, slow language development,  problems with visual-spatial abilities (such as drawing), and memory. These children will likely need extra help to keep up in school, possibly remedial classes or special  education.. Though parents try to give their children every opportunity for success in life. and to provide a good education the best choice for a healthy child is to preventing learning disabilities in the first place.

The US Environmental Protection Agency recently estimated that 1 in 6 women of childbearing age have mercury levels in their blood above the amount considered “safe” for the developing fetus. This means that as many as 15 of every 100 babies could be at risk of developmental problems from exposure to mercury in utero. Though special education is available it often does not remediate the cognitive disfunction.

In 1997 JC Pendergrass published a paper with Boyd Haley on the inhibition of brain tubulin GTP interaction by mercury and the similarity to observations in Alzheimer’s diseased brains. Since then a video has been produced by the University of Calgary which for the first time has provided visual conformation of the mercury binding inhibiting the tubulin GTP mechanism. Met Ions Biol Syst. 1997;34:461-78.

Mercury has been used in barometers, thermometer and dental products. It is extremely toxic and in addition methylmercury is lipophylic and can permeate cell membranes where it assists in free radical formation which will damage the CNS and developing brain. Mercury binds sulfahydral groups and depletes glutathione allowing lipid peroxidation by reducing antioxidant defenses. Mercury alters the integrity of the inner-mitochondrial membrane reducing the available of ATP, an essential factor in cellular energy. Mercury binds selenium, catalyses Fenton reactions and induces autoimmunity. Mercury will interfere with amino acid synthesis and it’s propensity for binding sulfahydral groups causes inhibition of numerous metabolic enzymes. Mercury blocks GABA receptors and binds the GTP receptor site required for signal transduction.  Mode_of_action_and_toxicity_of_trace_elements - Arun Shanker

At mitosis the distribution of chromosomes at cell division may be disturbed, leading to different numbers of chromosomes in the daughter cells. Organic mercury compounds are particularly powerful agents effective at very low concentrations and have been shown to have this effect. Most chromosome mutations in reproductive cells will...
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