The Carew Murder Case

Topics: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Two-Face, Novella Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: October 28, 2014

London Evening Post
Killer Loose In London Police Are Investigating The Homicide Of Sir Danvers Carew Early hours this morning, London detectives were called out to the horrific scene of a murder. A maid servant who witnessed the whole event from her bedroom window stated “I went upstairs to bed and I looked out of the window, the lane was brilliantly lit by the full moon. Never had I felt more at peace with all men or thought more kindly of the world.” The victim was seen walking up the lane not far from the River Thames. He was described by the maid as “an aged and beautiful gentleman with white hair”. Advancing to meet him was another man, in his hand he held a heavy cane, the maid recognised him as Mr. Hyde. When the two men met, the older man bowed and spoke to Mr. Hyde in “with a very pretty manner of politeness” reported the maid, “and then all of a sudden Mr. Hyde broke out in a great flame of anger, stamping with his foot brandishing the cane and carrying on like a madman.” The victim stepped back and Mr. Hyde then clubbed him to ground, trampled his victim under foot and hailed down a storm of blows. “I could hear his bones shatter and when his body jumped on the roadway I fainted” recalled the witness. When she awakened it was around 2am and she called for the police. Officers found victim’s body lying mangled in the middle of the lane; however the Murderer had long gone. Half of Mr. Hyde’s cane was found in a neighbouring gutter. Found on the victim’s body was a purse, a gold watch and a stamped letter with the name and address of Mr. Utterson. The police have ruled out this crime as a robbery and are now looking for a motive. Officers took the letter to Mr. Utterson this morning and explained what had happened a few hours prior. Mr. Utterson refused to speak with the police until he had seen the body. “After dressing and hurrying through my breakfast, I drove to the station”...
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