The Career of a Er Nurse.

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As an Emergency Room Nurse, You become a part of the Emergency Response Team that works together to not only provide individual care, but also to provide fast and accurate stabilizing care to individuals in a crisis situation. Being a professional nurse means caring for the overall general health and comfort, as well as, caring for and nurturing other individuals. Meeting both their physical needs for safety and good health, as well as providing comfort and ease for their emotional needs. Being an Emergency Room Nurse is an empowering position that allows you to work along side other qualified health care professionals as a member of the Emergency Response Team, providing quality care to patients in a fast paced environment. Tasks At Hand

Patients who come to the Emergency Room have a variety of diverse health care needs that must be addressed in a timely manner. As every patient is different, an emergency room nurse is responsible for prioritizing each situation in relevance to importance. Triage is one of the first responsibilities that every ER nurse must be familiar with in this occupation. Triage means to sort or place in order of importance or extreme. Both physical and psycho social elements have to be taken into consideration when determining the needs of an emergency room patient. The Emergency Room Nurse is the First one to Prioritize Injuries and Make the Decisions of which injuries are more serious and must be attended to first. Less critical injuries, that could perhaps wait would be attended to after patients who need more serious attention for a critical injury or emergency are treated. Although ER patients may arrive at the facility at the same or different times, an ER nurse will use their expertise in deciding which emergency constitutes a quicker response. For this reason, as well as others, an ER nurse must be able to make quick and accurate decisions, have experience in emergency medical care, conflict resolution and also demonstrate...
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