The Carbon-Oxygen Cycle

Topics: Oxygen, Carbon cycle, Photosynthesis Pages: 4 (1013 words) Published: February 13, 2013

Cloud-Maureen Manggo-Carlos
Car-Carlo Acacia-Carissa

Narrator: Good afternoon block mates and Ma’am Claire. We are here to present you a role play about the carbon oxygen cycle. Let me first introduce to you the characters. [Characters from the middle back will step forward and play their roles.] First, Josephine as “Josepig”, Maureen as “Cloudreen”, Carlo as “Honda car-lo”, and the tree-yos; Czarina as “Czanarra”, and Carissa as “Acaricia tree”, Carlos as “ Manggarlos”, and of course, I as the narrator. ^_^


Narrator: One day, Czanarra, Phine tree and Acaricia tree were walking home from school. They are 1st year college students at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Baguio Campus. A Honda car-lo opposite their way was driving fast speed and suddenly drifted, which caused the tree-yos to… FREEZE!

[Tree-yos will cover their eyes with both hands.]
Acaricia: We’re dying!!!
Czanarra: No, it can’t be! Tomorrow’s the BIG NIGHT!!!
Manggarlos: Waaaaaah!!! My phone’s charging at home I can’t die!! Honda car-lo: Hey!
Tree-yos in chorus: Who’s that?! Satan??? Are we in hell?? Uwaaaaaaaaaaah!! T_T Honda car-lo: Shut your mouths up!! You’re hurting my ears!! Tree-yos: [Will now open their eyes and look at the place.] O_O We’re alive!!! ^___^ Honda car-lo: Yes you are.. =_=

Czanarra: You ugly car!! You almost killed us!!!!
Acaricia: Yeah! Cars like you should be wrecked and brought to the car junk! Honda car-lo: Excuse me? You called me ugly? I cost ten million times more than your price ugly trees! Manggarlos: So what if you’re expensive? Well, we can’t even be priced. And we’re more important than you in this world. Humans and animals breathe in the oxygen that we give out, we even stop floods and erosions.. while you, pollute the environment. Honda car-lo: Haha! Are you trying to be funny? I am very useful. I am one of the means of...
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