The car of the future

Topics: Puerto Rico, United States, U.S. state Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: October 31, 2013
The Cars of the Future
In the last few years there has increased the amount of famous ATV’s here in Puerto Rico. The problem is that here in Puerto Rico they are illegal to drive on public roads because they are not very safe and they are for just one passenger. Lately there have been a lot of accidents because of people that does not use their gear and run at velocities where losing control is inevitable. The government has put laws against them and they are trying to eliminate them from here. Still, I really think that the government of Puerto Rico should legalize ATV’s because of many reasons such as: violence decrease due to the fact that there are fewer assassinations on public residences because people are uniting and sharing the same passion for ATV’s, less fatal accidents, and fuel efficiency. First of all, what is an ATV? Well, an ATV is an All Terrain Vehicle designed to withstand rough terrains and extreme conditions, almost unbreakable and most important they are practically small. ATV’s, or better known as four tracks, are small vehicles that they are used for entertainment and for competitions worldwide. The ATV’s come with only one cylinder engine which means that they are super effective on fuel economy. They are a bit expensive because even dough they are so small the materials for its designing are very expensive. They require a safety gear such as: long hard boots, chest cover, hard gloves and a helmet, the bigger the better, all these are if in case of an accident you will have the minimum amount of physical

injuries, due to the fact that ATV’s can reach very high velocities nearly to a hundred miles per hour. They are safer than a motorcycle, which in fact are legal, because ATV’s have four tires and motorcycles only have two, this means that balance is greater, also the amounts of fuel they consume are low so the amount of contamination are way less than a normal car.

“Statistics shows that on the United States 46 of 50 states...
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