The Capricorn Man: Noel G. Butad
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NOEL G. BUTAD, the Capricorn Man (December 22 to January 20)

A knowledge of the characteristics of NOEL G. BUTAD will help you forge better bonds with, both on a personal as well as professional level. Understanding Noel's behavior is hardly a rocket science. In fact, it is “easy”, provided you go through the traits that are mentioned in this article with keen comprehension, and once you get to know him well, you are bound to enjoy the relationship you share! Read on to know his personality traits...

|Sign: The Goat's Head and Fish's Tail |Color: Dark gray, black, dark, brown |
|Ruling Planet: Saturn |Metal: Silver |
|Gender: Feminine |Gemstone: Turquoise, amethyst |
|Positivity: Negative |Flowers: Ivy, heartsease, amaranthus, pansy |
|Element: Earth |Trees: Pine, elm, yew, willow, aspen, poplar |
|Quality: Cardinal |Animals: Goats and cloven-footed animals |
|Body Area: Knees, skin, bones, teeth | |

Noel's sign is the tenth sign of the western zodiac, the Capricorn. The mythological origins of Capricorn, the fish-tailed goat, are related to the ancient Babylonian god Ea, who wore a great fish-shaped cloak, and who was said to have come from the oceans to teach humanity the better ways of life.

Noel's characteristics, are not absolute and should be seen only as “likely” dispositions.

Noel's natal chart can be thought of in terms of three

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