The Cannoization

Topics: Poetry, John Donne, World Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The first Line for God sake holds your tongue, and let me love. Is Blasphemous the speaker commands the addresses to be quiet and let the speaker love. He can criticize his other shortcoming but he should not criticize his tendency to love. It is quite obvious by this statement that the speaker is speaking to someone who does not approve of his love. In the first stanza it also quite clear that the addressed observe this love as quite dangerous similar to a disease, by giving the speaker grey hair at least five, and by ruining his fortune see line 2&3 He also wants the addressed to explore a conventional order, of worldly affairs and earthly power which he has rejected in order to, canonized his love. See line 4-6. The speaker is not bother what the addressee does he just wants to be left alone to love. This is worth comparing to the opening of the “Sun rising “in which Donne instructs the sun to go about it business. This is relevant to the poem, because the speaker tells the addresses to go and carry out respective work. He suggest that he should not criticize his short coming in other words he he wants to be left alone to love. The poem is lambic metre which flows between pentameter, tetrameter and trimester. The lines of the poem are irregular there are nine line in each stanza, each ending at different points. It is quite clear by the tone of the poem that the speaker knows his love will never be permitted. The rhythm scheme is ABBACCCDD. The king’s stamp’s (line7) most likely refer to coinage with the king’s likeliness, the thing of the world can be left to the critic and the world so long as the critic will let me love. (line9). In the poem the speaker informs the audience of this situation, and he presents his details of his relationship through the world of poltics, wealth and nobility. The speaker assumes that the addressed is only bothered about these things, and he wants to be left alone to love.
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