The Cannibal Creature

Topics: The Wall, English-language films, Blood Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: September 14, 2013
I always had a strange and mysterious feeling about this house, as if it was haunted or the abode of ghosts, and weird creatures, it always gave me the shrieks and the shrills, which made the hairs on my back shoot up. It was a mid winter cold night, my parents were out, I was humming softly while doing my English homework, a few minutes later, I heard the creak of a door, I ignored it thinking it was just the wind. Suddenly the windows and lights started shaking and I heard a strange whisper coming from the bathroom alley, my heart missed a beat I was horrified. The whisper turned into horrendous sounds of pain at the same moment there was a cacophony of different sounds; crashing, hissing, roaring, squealing, and rumbling. I got the courage and stood up. I opened the door but it was pitch dark, so I could not see anything as I moved out into the corridor I felt the full force of the wind slam like a physical object. I could actually feel the floor moving beneath my feet and the walls seemed to sway and shudder, I dropped to my knees and crawled along the sodden carpet, there was a startling flash and another blast of thunder, followed by a gust of wind so powerful it blew the windows in, the rain followed hosing down the corridor in a horizontal bar. The walls were instantly soaked and a picture flew off the wall. I was bewildered, everything appeared like it was happening in slow motion afore my eyes, the lights went out, pots and pans fell and smashed, what was going on? It was worse than an earthquake. The wind was whipping around in the corridor and the house was vibrating as if at any moment it might crack up and blow away, I was terrified, my heart was pumping. In my head I was shouting, screaming and crying for help, I pray for oblivion but nobody answers me. in the real world I was in a dream, a fantasy, the world seeming to spin above me, As I started going back, I caught something from the corner of my eye. I gasped and gripped...
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