The Campus Ambassador Program: Bridging the Gap between Student's Career Aspirations and Company's Expectations

Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The Campus Ambassador Program is aimed to bridging the gap between the student career aspiration and the company's expectations of outsiders.The strengths of these programs are to attract talents and meanwhile also create a lot of talents.

In short term, the company makes use of this program to promote and reinforce the image of a good employer. Prior to the introduction of the program, people had had blurred understanding on the job nature of this big outsourcing company. They percieved that the jobs are only related to call centers which constrainted emplooyee's career development. Nonetheless, the trainining to know more about the company and the industry, real touch with the job duties, immersion in the work culture all enable the students or participants understand the work more. This explains why they have had a drastic thinking on BPO before and after. More importantly, because the trainees need to present their work experience in their correspondent colleges. By such promotion, more talents are attracted to pursue their career.

However, the above advantages have some constraints in essence ai do think. Its about the control of quality of the trainees. The trainess are basically the only brigde between the company and the colleges. If thr trainees are incapable of accomplishing their job duties or expectations tgroughout the training and thus unable to give the most accurate picture on the job environment to their schoolmates. Not only does the program fail to attract talents,they may be scared away due to untrue facts. Therefore, recruiting high calibres is the first step and giving all rounded training to them is of paramount imprtance to equip them to help promoting the company. Otherwise, the company will certainly be a loss.

On top of that, in long term, the program is able to create a strong supply of the talents o the company. It provides the company with a stable source of recruiting fresh graduates and trainees. On one hand, the program...
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