The Butcher

Topics: Butcher, Cannibalism Pages: 4 (1397 words) Published: February 24, 2014

Drama 110

Mr. Zyclo
After reading through the play titled “Anon(ymous)” the most interesting characters that stood out most to me were Mr. Zyclo and Serza. But of the two characters Mr Zyclo is by far more horrible, brutal, and terrifying. Mr. Zylco is a representation of Polyphemus (the Cyclops from the Odyssey) and is a fallen butcher with a pet bird who has taken to cannibalism in these financially difficult times. Considering this was originally intended to be a “children’s” play I was shocked by the disturbing image of this character. If I were to do a play I would first do some research into both butchers and famous known cannibals before making any artistic calls on his overall appearance and manner. I would also note that this play is and was originally intended for children, so anything I would add or subtract from the play would have to be appropriate for anyone over the age of ten or so; in other words, it could not be too littered with gore. The job of a butcher is to prepare different types of meat for human consumption. This usually entails cutting the different pieces of the animal off the bone to be categorized and sold. While some of the lesser wanted parts can be put into sausages or other various dishes. Most of this work is done through either high tech machinery or just good old fashion knife in hand cutting. Additionally, a butcher’s job is to know everything there is to know about the piece of meat one is hoping to buy and eat. Very often customers who buy at the butcher shop will ask the butcher about the fat content of each piece and the best way to prepare it. “How you plan to cook the meat determines the cut”. Says Florence Fabricant of the New York Times, “And the quantity for a serving will be based on how it will be trimmed, and what else you are serving. If the meat you think you want is not available or too expensive, the butcher can offer alternatives.” ( In fact some butchers find the advice they...

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