The Business Professional: Assignments with Instructions

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| BUSM1001 The Business ProfessionalAssignment 1Semester 1 2012/13 | Words: | 3000 words | Weighting: | 40% | Learning Outcomes Assessed: | 4, 7, 9, 10 | Submission date: | 3pm on 7th January 2013 | Module Leader: | Holly Andrews | Verified by: | Helen Shaw | Electronic copy available: | Blackboard Learning System |

Assignment task(s) Your task is to analyse the current external environment facing HMV. Your analysis should include the following elements: * A thorough analysis of the external environment presently facing HMV. You should use an appropriate model to structure this analysis e.g. a SLEPT analysis. You should use multiple sources of data in order to complete the analysis. You should engage in critical evaluation of the information that you present. All sources must be referenced in-text. * Suggestions regarding how HMV could respond to current external environment. You should support the suggestions that you make with evidence that these solutions will be successful and will meet current market demands.
In addition to the above main body of the assignment, you should also include the following: * A project plan detailing how you will complete the assignment. The project plan should include time for research, drafting the report, redrafting, referencing etc. It should be presented in the form of a Gantt chart created using Microsoft Project and be accompanied by a commentary on the resources that will be needed to achieve each action (e.g. if you have “research current economic policy” as an action in your Gantt chart the commentary will detail what sources of information you will use for this research). This is likely to include the sources of information that you were introduced to in the module e.g. journal articles, books, database searches, Mintel reports, ONS data etc. * A full Harvard style reference list giving all your sources of information.

The assignment should be presented in the form of a report. This

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