The Bungling Host

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Shut up, Maize Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: October 6, 2008
There were Bear and Rabbit who became friends. They invited each other to their house. When Rabbit came to Bear’s house, Bear sat Rabbit down and cook with beans and a lot of good lard which Bear got it while Bear went round back of his house. Rabbit ate all he could. When Rabbit was leaving, he invited Bear to his house. Rabbit’s house was made of dry grass; unlike Bear’s house was a hollow tree. Bear sat down and Rabbit went round back of his house. After a while, Rabbit cry out loud. Bear went to the back and saw Rabbit had cut his belly. Bear took Rabbit and laid him. Bear went out to find the doctor. Bear found Buzzard and told what happen. Buzzard said he can make the medicine. So, Bear brought him to Rabbit’s house. Buzzard said he needs hominy to make the medicine. Also, house should be shut up and there should be a hole in the roof. Everything was set as what Buzzard asked. Suddenly, Rabbit cried out loud, so people asked what’s going on. Buzzard said Rabbit is afraid of medicine. But, actually Buzzard killed Rabbit and ate him. He flew away through the hole in the roof. Bear found out and got so angry. So he asked an orphan who had a bow to shot Buzzard. Orphan did it and Bear killed him. Bear hung him up and lighted fire under him to smoke him for many days. Buzzard came to yellowish. This is why he is yellow.

This story tells that peace was the important thing that Native American wanted to keep. Bear is actually stronger than Rabbit. But, they became friend. Bear never thought anything to harm Rabbit. He always tried to help Rabbit. As it’s showing, Native American thought peace is the final goal that they wanted to achieve and keep. When Buzzard killed Rabbit, Bear killed Buzzard. This shows us that if anyone breaks the peace, they are willing to punish the one who break the peace. Also, this tale shows each animal’s nature. Rabbit is small and weak animal. Bear is very gentle but when it gets angry it can be very wild. This story also contains...
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