The Budget Process

Topics: United States Congress, President of the United States, Federal government of the United States Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: October 28, 2013
The budget process begins the first month in February, when the President submits his proposal to Congress. The budget process is used to create the United States federal budget. The President's proposed budget includes extensive supporting documentation to make the case for White House spending and saving priorities. The federal budget is divided into two categories mandatory and discretionary. There are five steps in the Federal Budget process. The first step beginning with the President submits a budget request to congress. Second the House and Senate pass budget resolutions, the third step the budget resolution, the fourth step the House and Senate vote on appropriations bill and reconcile differences. Lastly the fifth step is the President signs each appropriation bill and the budget becomes law. Briefly explaining the process, each February for the coming fiscal year which begins October 1, the President sends a budget request which is just a proposal. Congress will then review the request and passes its own appropriation bill. Once the President signs the bills the country will have a budget for the new fiscal year. Congress then begins a process that can take months of reviewing the request after the President’s budget request has released. When the president’s budget request has been submitted and lawmakers have closely reviewed it, the House Committee on the Budget and Senate committee on the budget each will write a budget resolution. The appropriations committee in both the House and Senate will split into smaller Appropriations subcommittees. They will review the president’s budget request pertaining to the federal agencies under their specific jurisdictions. Once the subcommittees have reviewed the president’s request, it conducts hearing and poses questions to leaders of its associated federal agencies about the agencies requested budget. With all this information, the chair of each subcommittee will write a first draft of the...

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