The Brute Drama

Topics: Love, Audience Pages: 20 (3354 words) Published: September 6, 2011
As the curtain opens, the music will reflect the depression of Mrs Popov and that we are in Russia (perhaps using some famous Russian folk tune integrated into the overture). Mrs. Popov is standing looking out of her window (right stage). We see the interior of a victorian country home. Up center is a large painting covered with a black drape so you don't see the whole image of the man. Mrs. Popov is a beautiful woman in her thirties, fighting back tears. In comes her fuddy duddy servant named Babalu who is bringing her a cup of tea. He is worried about her. As he reaches center stage, he notices the audience, turns and steps toward them singing in a kind way...  

|Babalu |Good afternoon. | | |As you can see, my mistress is in a bad way. | | |I am worried sick since my master died. | | |Leaving her alone to pine away. | | |She's getting thinner every day. | | |This cup of Cha will cheer her up and chase the blues away. | |  |He x to her, to offer the tea, but she rejects and waves him away. And holds on to the curtains in | | |anguish.  He looks at the audience and shakes his head and tip toes out to the kitchen. | |Mrs Popov |Being Brave | | |I must never set foot out of doors again. | | |You my husband, you are in your grave... And I'm barried alive in this house. yes, yes, this house will | | |be my coffin! We are both in our graves. | |  |she x center stage holding her locket photo of him and sings to it | |  |You shall see, my Popov, how a woman can love. You shall learn what it is to be faithful. I will set you | | |the example of how a love should be. You will see it now... you shall learn it from me. | |  |She is scolding him like a child and getting upset... and there is a loud knocking at the door.  She | | |freeze’s in a panic. There is some hubbub music off stage. | | |Babalu then enters, he is very upset and fearful | |Babalu: |Madam, a frightful man is at the door! He demands to talk to your late husband! | | |He got into a terrible state when I told him he was dead. He said he would speak to you, no matter what I| | |said. | |  |The door opens and Mr. Smirnov enters, he is big and unkempt in a large russian hat, and when he sees | | |Mrs. Popov, he takes off the hat and tries to straighten up his appearance. He is covered with dust and | | |his hair is a mess. | |Mr. Smirvov |He is...
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